The Fabulous Traveling Art Studio

Good morning Earthlings

'The Fabulous Traveling Art Studio' is a platform for classes, rants, business opportunities through art. I begin our Youtube channel with the creation of my 'tiny house' studio, I go from there to sharing my inspirations, creating, producing, selling my work . I interview real artists around me, I take you into galleries and teach watercolor techniques. You will meet 'this guy' who is my Mexican muse. You cant miss that.

I would like to offer my 'Earthlings' who watch my channel a sense of the artist within them. My early morning tea time can instill a place to invite creativity into your busy day.

Fun at the Farmer's market 2017

Rock Painting


Come with your family to paint rocks. I supply hand picked rocks from the Puget sound that are just the perfect size and texture for your own unique look. We use high quality acrylic paint, and glitter, and spray sealant to keep it all together. Hide your rocks or take them home..

$5.00 for the whole family.

Snohomish Farmer’s Market Thursdays 3-7

Port Susan Farmer's Market Stanwood Friday  2-6



The Fabulous Traveling Art Studio is a great place to expose your family to art. Cher Clemans is gifted at making each family member feel welcome and able to do their best on their project. Her 'how to' instructions are clear and make it easy for you to learn something new and make some happy memories at the Farmer's Market.

Dont miss it