Chrysalis July 10, 2017

Chrysalis is a place of peace that we find ourselves in. In this place is healing and rest. If we allow our Yah to lead us there he will shelter us and allow his healing rest to enter our souls and refresh us.

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Lifted July 4, 2017


Once in a while we will get inspiration from the people around us. Their movements and stories cause our souls to see colors. In this painting, I have chosen to give this dancer a space and time all of her own, where she can stretch and fly and carry our imagination with her.

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The portait that healed me October 5, 2016


While attempting to paint my son when he was five a freak accident happened that transformed the paint to settle to look like me instead.

At first I didn't like the painting. I pondered this for awhile while also realizing how unloved that little girl was. I remembered wanting to be happy like the little girl in the painting. I made a conscience effort to love that little girl.

This is where the healing came. Realizing that I could love myself as a child was very freeing. I started being nicer to myself, more patient. I treated myself to things that my little girl would like to do. And with this new love that I was experiencing, I was feeling better about myself as an adult.

Then I went to Mexico to find the monarchs. I loved monarchs as a little girl in Wisconsin. They don't live in the pacific northwest where I now reside. So the two day trek into the Mexican mountains was a gift I gave the little girl and she loved it. I left that mountain that day a changed person.

I'm no longer afraid to do self portraits. And I'm sure my little girl is happy now.

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