Forest friends

Forest friends snuggle in a contented embrace. This sweet beautiful woman has a pleasure in her face as she snuggles with her wolf friend.

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Dragonfly, tired from his play with a small child, pauses in the sun only to be captured as an image to enjoy. This watercolor painting was inspired by the many dragonfly lovers who just can’t seem to get enough of the whimsical beauty. Beauty such as this is healing for the soul. So as you enjoy this image please release, if you wish, the inner child who loves to chase them in the field. My most popular piece.

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Baby blue

Baby blue

Baby blue elephant finds his way into the ‘child’s heart’ in all of us. I was inspired to paint this piece by a small child that was interested in buying my little bird card. I was hoping to be able to ‘speak to the child’ with my art, and this is the beginning of that journey. Baby blue is available in cards, prints, and other fun products on Fine Art America.

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Cards: This sweet card can be used to announce a birth, or say hello to a new one, be used as a birthday invitation, or used to cheer up a friend. Card does not have watermark as shown. It comes with an envelope in a clear wrapper. 41/2 x 6 1/2

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Once in a while we will get inspiration from the people around us. Their movements and stories cause our souls to see colors. In this painting, I have chosen to give this dancer a space and time all of her own, where she can stretch and fly and carry our imagination with her.

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