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Messianic Jewish Dancers worshiping though the energy and flow of the worship music.

This piece was inspired by our dancers in our Messianic Synagogue.
This video shows the dancers that inspired this card. 

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The Oxford Postcard with Dan Patrix

Video Special

Buy Dan's Book and he will send you a free postcard


The Oxford Postcard Adventure features these pieces of Dan

  • The Oxford
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New youtube show

Join me, a hippy artist, this morning as I go about my ‘job’ as an artist. The Fabulous Traveling Art Studio is a place where art is created, framed and sold. Inspiration and fun characters from my life can show you how to be more creative.
Grab a cup of tea, put on some yoga music, pajamas are optional, and let your creator bring out the artist that he created you to be. I am thankful and I am happy to share my art, my healing, and the beginning of my day…with you.

click on the Fabulous Traveling Art Studio and please comment so I can know what you think.




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Forest friends

Forest friends snuggle in a contented embrace. This sweet beautiful woman has a pleasure in her face as she snuggles with her wolf friend.

Print this image at home and enjoy. Download and print this image at home

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Dragonfly, tired from his play with a small child, pauses in the sun only to be captured as an image to enjoy. This watercolor painting was inspired by the many dragonfly lovers who just can’t seem to get enough of the whimsical beauty. Beauty such as this is healing for the soul. So as you enjoy this image please release, if you wish, the inner child who loves to chase them in the field. My most popular piece.

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